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Sounds of Success: Business Energetics


Unlock the power of sound and energetic concepts to elevate your personal and professional growth at the "Sounds of Success: Empowering Your Life & Your Business Energetics" workshop.
Discover how sound influences your energy and mindset, paving the way for success in all aspects of life.
 Are you ready to align your business with your true purpose? Prepare for a transformative experience in our Empowering Your Life & Business Energetics Workshop!
Immerse yourself in a two-hour journey that combines the essence of sound (Vibrational Medicine) with empowering energetic concepts to propel you towards prosperity and fulfillment.
Join  Lysa in exploring new superpowers to add to your toolbox. Elevate your journey towards success and accomplishment in a workshop designed to recalibrate your energy and mindset for your next level of growth.
Communication, Connection, Clarity

Are you ready to overcome your resistance to Business Energetics?

Are you looking for a refresher on Business Energetics?

Are you willing to learn new tools and mindsets to safe-guard your business and life helping to propel you to your next level of (well)being?

Ready to create and experience real rapid change in these extreme times?
YES! Well - click the link below to sign up for this Zoom-Webinar, and get ready to make a dynamic difference in your personal life and your business energetics

Be a part of this unique experience and special sound workshop with two sound experts!

This is your chance to expand your energy and welcome resilience into your being/business - just by listening to beautifully high-vibrating frequencies of the crystal singing bowls. These inspirational frequencies are not only designed to alter your mental, emotional, physical state spontaneously, but they also actually awaken your (business) spirit.


You’ll receive:

  • Crystal Singing Bowl Intro
  • Energetic Tools – what are they and how to use them and why you should!
  • Energetic Mindset - how best to take care of and protect the energy-bodies of yourself, your business, your Social Media Accounts
  • Question + Answer
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Wrap-up and Integration
  • Spontaneous Vibrational Shift
  • The video/audio copy of the Webinar event

Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer

High Performance Coach™ 
Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie
Founder of AuraSound Vibrational Medicine

Seit Jahren international bekannt für ihre eigene erfolgreiche Zertifizierungsprogramme und High Performance Coaching.


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